Failure to follow these rules may result in your account being banned.

No harassing other penguins

It's just rude. If a penguin is doing something that is against the rules, use the report system.

No cheating

It's mean to try and use 3rd party programs to cheat in-game.

No sharing personal information

Never give out your account or personal information to other penguins. Stay safe.

No abusing the chat

Here at Hyperboreal we have relaxed the restrictions on the chat system. But that doesn't mean you can spam or do anything else that would ruin the game for another penguin.

No racism

Like we said before, just because the chat system is relaxed does not mean you can abuse it. We will not tolerate racism.

Mission Statement

If you are interested in why we do what we do, please read our CPPS mission statement on the homepage.