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We are currently in closed beta! Come back soon to see when we allow open registration!

Hi there, it's nice to meet you!

We are Hyperboreal. Hyperboreal is a CPPS, or Club Penguin Private Server. What this means is that we run our own Club Penguin game server for people to waddle and play around on. We are not affiliated with Disney, we only use some of their older and no longer used Flash game files to allow you to play on the nostalgic older 2009-2012 Club Penguin. We have spent enormous amounts of time gathering archives of the older game swfs not only to provide a full-featured nostalgia trip for those of us that played Club Penguin back in its hay day, but also to introduce newcomers to the glory that was the original Club Penguin as we knew it. Our developers and team members hold Club Penguin close to our heart, since we have many memories when we were younger of playing, discovering, and interacting with the world of Club Penguin.

There are several other reasons we chose to develop and open custom servers for the older Club Penguin rather than the newer, updated Club Penguin. We believe that Club Penguin is a great game in all of its forms, especially the version directly developed by Disney. The official, updated Club Penguin servers can provide a much more fun experience for the newer versions of the game than anyone outside of Disney can. We respect the hard-working Disney developers that consistently deliver on their promises to make newer versions of their game fun. It is our belief that in order to honor their hard work, we should be endorsing their efforts instead of simply copying them for our own gain.

In order to provide the best experience and most amount of fun for our players, we look only to ourselves. You will never see another CPPS like us. Our source code is written by developers who not only are highly skilled at network and game programming, but they have a passion for delivering the highest quality product possible. Each of our developers has 8 years or more of programming experience, and backgrounds in security. Writing secure code is exceedingly important to us, and it naturally follows that our servers are written with the concepts of defensive programming in mind. In every facet of our server, we spend time examining our code and writing preventative measures to prevent any mishaps from occuring. Security for our users is one of our greatest priorities, and any bugs that users report or anyone in our community finds will be patched to protect our players as soon as we know of them. Additionally, we support time-based software token two-factor authentication, which, when enabled by the user, makes it impossible for that account to be hijacked by malicious actors. More two-factor authentication options are planned for the future, with our main priorities being hardware-token (through U2F with a device such as a Yubikey), and SMS-based verification for those of us without a smartphone.

Custom content for our Club Penguin Private Server is also a priority for us. While other servers allow their servers to stagnate, our CPPS is always trying to come up with new ways for our userbase to enjoy their time on our server. We have several very talented people on our team, including an artist for new content, a musician for custom game and room music, and Flash developers for our clientside development. We think that not only should we provide a solid vanilla experience for our users, but we should also make things interesting by deviating from the norm and adding our own flavor into the mix. New games, new rooms, new music, and new features we create are intended to enhance the vanilla game, and make it more appealing to users who may not know the nostalgia for the original Club Penguin, since they never played it.

We will never offer any kind of "real money" services. You will never have to pay for any features, items, or games. We would like to preserve the original intent of Club Penguin by making our game appeal to a broad audience, with few or no limitations to the players ability to have fun. Planned features like cosmetics (name glow, walking on walls, chat glow, etc) will be paid for on a monthly basis with the coins you earn from playing the game. Custom items will generally be distributed through parties and custom games, and we have plans for building custom Flash catalogs for "themed" monthly item sets, similar to how the original Club Penguin distributed items.

On our servers, you will find almost 100% of the features of 2009 Club Penguin in a working state. We have completely implemented the games Mancala, Find Four, Sled Racing, Treasure Hunt, and Vanilla Card-Jitsu with belt progress with Fire and Water in the works. All singleplayer games work as intended, and all multiplayer games contain anti-cheat code to ensure that none of our players have to deal with hackers. In the event our anti-cheat does not catch someone you suspect may be cheating, the vanilla report system is also implemented, and our moderators frequently check reports to keep the island of Club Penguin running smoothly.

Our staff are here to help. Many other private servers have underqualified moderators that abuse their power and rarely follow the rules of the individual servers, leading to a case of "Do as I say, not as I do." The moderators we choose to employ are upstanding members of the private server community, and they are held accountable for their actions as a staff member representing Hyperboreal as a whole. Keeping a safe, open, and comfortable game environment for all of our users is important to us, and we believe that in order to do that, we must hire a team of staff members who share our vision.

If you have any questions about our CPPS, please visit our FAQ, tweet us, or visit our Discord and talk to a moderator.

Club Penguin artwork and all content not owned and developed by Hyperboreal is property of The Walt Disney Company and is used under Fair Use for Education. Hyperboreal is a non-profit website with ads used to cover operating costs.

We are currently in closed beta. Please check back soon for when we allow open registration.